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Ministry of Long-Term Care (MLTC)

The main advocacy items OSNAC and FNAT have been supporting over the past 2 years include the following items.  Great news - Most of these items are now underway and we continue to work with our partners including the MLTC to advocate further for Dietary Staffing needs as well.

Updating & Simplifying the Ministry of Long-Term Care Regulations - in progress

Increase to Food Budget/Nutrition Support - increase given in April 2022

Flexibility around meal choice options and menu planning - Regulations change in July 2022

Dietary Staff Increases & Training Support - in progress

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Guidance Documents

Fixing Long Term Care Homes Act guidance documents provided by the Ministry of Long-Term Care


Best Practice Document

Use as Guidance when Developing Orientation for Food Service Workers and Cooks

May 15, 2023


The Resident Experience

Other Amendments to
Ontario Regulation 246/22

Skin and Wound Care


Staffing Qualifactions

April 11, 2023 Update

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Continuous Quality Improvement

Including the Dietitian as a member of the CQI Committee

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Inspection Guide

Food, Nutrition and Hydration


Menu Planning

MLTC issued guidelines and Q&A document


Emergency Preparedness

Food, Fluid and Drug Provision p. 14

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IPAC Standard Manual

Includes food storage, handling and preparation

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Food Funding

$12.07 per diem (as of April 1, 2023)

The raw food per diem has increased but is now also called ‘nutritional support’ (NS) envelope

This translates to a total of $12.07 per Resident per day to provide meals and snacks 

The NS envelope funds all expenditures related to the purchase of raw food including food materials used to sustain life such as:


  • All food and fluids provided to the Residents

  • Commercial nutritional supplements

  • Enteral feed formula

  • Vitamin & mineral supplementation

  • Food & beverage thickener

  • Therapeutic & modified texture foods

  • Speciality food items required to meet dietary needs such as gluten free products


This is a positive increase in funding; however, we continue to advocate the need for annual review of the NS envelope to reflect the continuing increases to food inflation costs.

Residents' Bill of Rights

The updated Residents' Bill of Rights is embedded in the Fixing Long Term Care Act and accompanying Regulations (O. Reg. 246/22)

Hospital Corridors

Ontario Palliative Care Network

Care Competency Framework 2019
Reference Guide for Health Professionals and Volunteers

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